WELCOME to St. Mary's Food Bank!

St. Mary’s Food Bank is a not-for-profit, registered food bank located in Mississauga as an affiliate agency of the Mississauga Food Bank.
We assist low income families end hunger and ultimately end poverty in their lives, in the City of Mississauga, in designated areas.  
We provide nutritious food to all those in need, with deginity and respect and without descrimination to religion, sex, age, or culture. 

Did You Know?

Over 121,000 individuals in Mississauga live in poverty everyday!                          
  • 37% of which are children
  • 29.3% are new Canadians
  • 21.1% are living with disability
  • 28.6% are single parents


Your Donations and support are essential to helping us reach our mission and goals!




St. Mary's Food Bank has different services to reach a wide client base.

We have a food distribution system for low income clients who require a helping hand. We distribute from our warehouses at 2 locations. Please click here for more information.

The St. Joseph Community Kitchen provides hot meals to clients the St. Mary's Food Bank Dundas location. Please click here for more information on hours and location.

KM Dental Clinic is the first free dental clinic offering basic dental work for clients and low income indivuduals and families. Please click here for more information on hours and location.

For detailed information on our services please click here.




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